Buy BEC LTE 7000 Outdoor unit.

Buy BEC LTE 7000 Outdoor unit.


The BEC RidgeWave® 7000 4G/LTE Outdoor Router brings secure, high performance mission-critical cellular connectivity to outside locations and harsh environments. The rugged, compact IP68 rated enclosure enables it to stand up to dirt, harmful ingress of water. If you live in a heavy wooded area on mountains. The 7000 wood be you device.

Product Description

BEC RidgeWave® 7000 4G/LTE-A Pro CBRS Outdoor Router: Your Reliable Partner in Harsh Environments

If reliable, high-performance cellular connectivity is what you’re after, look no further than the BEC RidgeWave® 7000 4G/LTE-A Pro CBRS Outdoor Router. This product is a powerhouse designed to bring secure, mission-critical internet connectivity to even the harshest of locations. Whether you’re a business needing consistent access to vital applications, a resident in a remote area, or a traveler needing to stay connected, the BEC RidgeWave® 7000 has got you covered.

Enhanced Connectivity Wherever You Are

The BEC RidgeWave® 7000 is not just an ordinary router. It’s a revolution in outdoor connectivity. Supporting LTE CAT 15 and carrier aggregation up to 4 CA DL / 2CA UL, this router ensures extended coverage, increased capacity, and higher throughput. No matter how remote or underserved your area is, you can trust the RidgeWave® 7000 to deliver a robust internet connection. It’s a game-changer for industries, businesses, residences, rural areas, and even travelers.

Built to Last

What sets the BEC RidgeWave® 7000 apart is its toughness. Its rugged, compact IP68-rated enclosure is built to withstand dirt, harmful water ingress, humidity, and extreme temperatures. Equipped with a high gain 15.5 dBi 4X4 MIMO directional antenna, it’s designed to keep you connected in any condition, ensuring years of dependable operation.

Choose BEC RidgeWave® 7000 for Unmatched Connectivity

Don’t let unreliable internet connectivity hinder your productivity. Choose the BEC RidgeWave® 7000 4G/LTE-A Pro CBRS Outdoor Router, and experience the difference. With this outdoor router, you’re not just buying a product but investing in reliable and fast internet access, regardless of your location or needs. Make the smart choice – choose the BEC RidgeWave® 7000 today!